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    How to Feel Niceand Clean Whilst on Your Period

    Six Parts:Having the right suppliesPreventingleakageDealing with discomfort or distressStaying clean and healthyDocumentingyour periodTreating period stains


    Are you tired of feeling horrible, unclean,and useless while on your period? Maybe you''ve had it for a while or you are anew-starter. Either way, this article can make you feel better during your timeof the month.

    Part3 of 6: Dealing with discomfort or distress


    Dress comfortably. For example, tightbottoms aren''t comfy, while fabric with give will be much gentler on your tummyarea. Maybe wear some loose jogging bottoms.


    You might get cramps, but it''s best to getup and about to take your mind off it. Maybe do some exercise, but not intenseexercise. Try doing some light stretching. If it feels really bad, ask yourmother for some ibuprofen. Often you get backaches, so don''t slouch and don''tlie down. Try a hot water bottle or rub your tummy gently! If you have a cat,get him/her to sit on you, they act like a hot water bottle especially whenthey purr!


    If you do physical education (PE) atschool, try to participate. If you cannot do so due to discomfort, get a notefrom your parents excusing you from participating.

    ?     If you are self-conscious about changing,go in the bathroom, in a private corner or wear a long t-shirt. Remember tocheck yourself regularly.


    Don''t wallow about it and stress about yourperiod. The fact is that every healthy girl will get one and will understandhow you feel. Talk to your best friend or someone you''re open with about yourfeelings.


    Keep calm. You might be getting emotional,it might be PMS. Try to stay calm, laugh and smile, you will feel betteremotionally. If you have really bad mood swings every time the period arrives,talk to your doctor.


    If you are scared that someone will hearyou changing in the bathroom, go in there when it''s empty or do it whilst atoilet is flushing. Remember to dispose of the used items properly.


    Don''t let it get you down. It''s just one ofthose things all of us females have to go through, it proves we''re healthy andfertile for the future.


    Part4 of 6: Staying clean and healthy


    Eat healthily during your period. Stay awayfrom salty, fatty foods - they will make you feel worse. Have some fruit -bananas are known for helping with cramps.[citation needed]

    ?     Keep a little bit of chocolate with you;when you''re feeling down, chocolate may help you feel better. Maybe even have achocolate coated strawberries as a snack!


    Try to have a shower everyday to make youfeel clean and refreshed. Spray some of your favorite perfume/body spray tokeep you smelling sweet.

    ?     Wear perfume if you like it. Wear a bit ofperfume or scented body spray to help you feel nice and fresh.

    ?     Limit the amount of makeup you wear; it''sbest to feel fresh and confident.


    If you have discharge whilst not on yourperiod, use a panty liner. Panty liners are also a good idea to use when you''reexpecting your period to prevent an unexpected leak.


    Does anything look or feel abnormal? It''sbest to get it checked out. Better to be safe then sorry!