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    How to Feel Niceand Clean Whilst on Your Period

    Six Parts:Having the right suppliesPreventingleakageDealing with discomfort or distressStaying clean and healthyDocumentingyour periodTreating period stains


    Are you tired of feeling horrible, unclean,and useless while on your period? Maybe you''ve had it for a while or you are anew-starter. Either way, this article can make you feel better during your timeof the month.

    Part5 of 6: Documenting your period


    Keep a calender or diary of when you haveyour period. Note how long it lasts for, how you felt, and how heavy it was.This information can be useful for a range of reasons, including checking yourhealth, knowing when the next period is due, and later in life, helping todetermine your fertility. It''s a good habit to get into.


    Part6 of 6: Treating period stains


    If you do stain a pair of trousers, washwith cold water and salt and rub then leave it to dry and try again. Alsowashing out the stain with hydrogen peroxide will work; make sure you test itout first to ensure it will not bleach or discolor your clothing. It will havefaded hopefully, then fold them up or put them in the wash. Or pour somethingdown it and rub it and say you''ve spilled something down your bottoms!



    ?     Try not to think about it too much. Doingso will make you even more stressed. No one will know you''re on your period ifyou don''t tell them.

    ?     Don''t wear any light colors like white,cream, and khaki in case you leak. If you stain these, it''ll be hard to getblood out.

    ?     This isn''t relevant but you can learn a lotby looking and asking; that''s how most of the things written in this articlewere learned.

    ?     If you''re feeling down, list all the goodthings that happened; at night, sit down and make a list of the good thingsthat happened today and maybe recall a joke your friend made to make you laugh.Or, list your favorite things; think of the best things in life and what reallymatters to you, not a stupid period.

    ?     If you are worried about leakage, get infoabout menstrual cups. They are be very handy and can even help you with cramps.