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    OEM Service

    Your position is:The home page>OEM Service

    OEM Advantages:
    1. We are supported by parent company Nanning Sugar Industry Co., Ltd., NANNING SUGAR INDUSTRY is a listed company and the largest state-owned holding enterprise in sugar industry in China.
    2. Our company group has a large production base of air-laid paper which there are only two bases in the Asian-Pacific region.
    3. We have high-tech equipments for sanitary products with high efficiency and large production capacity.
    4. We have passed the ISO9001, ISO1004, ISO1008, strictly control from raw material to finished products and every year we pass the inspection from the biggest paper products enterprise in the world.
    5. We have rights of self-managed import & export and have a professional team to provide good service for OEM.
    6. Nowadays, we have made successful OEMs for customers from more than 50 countries. Our products have been sold to 169 countries, from which we have developed more and more high technologies and got rich marketing experiences.