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    About Us

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     Guangxi Shuya Health Care Products Co., Ltd. was established in 1985. Shuya was one of the foremost manufacturers of health care products in China. Shuya imported about 460 millions Yuan world-class production equipments from USA, Italy and Switzerland. Shuya is an IS09001:2000 manufacturer with FDA,SGS certificates in producing and selling high quality sanitary paper household products. Shuya''''s yearly production capacity is 500 million pieces of high quality baby diapers, 4 billion pieces of wet wipes, 5 billion pieces of sanitary napkins and panty liners, 80 million pairs of insoles, 100 million bottles of personal care nursing washes, etc. Shuya provides the most complete and comprehensive OEM services. 
    1. Provides one-stop service of production
    As long as you provide the idea of your private label, all the remaining work we will complete, including product design, production process, data preparation, inspection, re-edit the technical information and so on. All are strictly according to customers'''' requirements.
    2. Complies with the confidential agreement
    To protect the benefits of our customers, we keep secret about the name of every customer, their processing variety and quantity, production formula. At the same time, client information, such as approval of the client strictly limited the scope of authorized use.
    3. Strengthens Quality Testing
    We have more then 300 million Yuan of 150,000 square meters of new standardization of industrial production base, all the raw material are from well-known large-scale manufacturers abroad, and we has passed our stringent IQC testing, to ensure that all our products using the highest quality raw material, being manufactured in more clean production workshop!